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We live in a time when the world is seeing rising temperatures, escalating wildfires, water shortages, and overall climate change. Many people now recognize that there are downsides to having natural grass lawns for residential and commercial properties. More and more Anaheim homeowners and business owners are turning to artificial grass. They recognize the benefits of leaving natural grass to nature while embracing a synthetic option on their property.

Those who make the switch to artificial grass can say “goodbye” to fertilizers, lawnmowers, and the need to water. They know that cost-savings and environmental benefits make synthetic lawns the perfect choice for homes and businesses. Artificial Grass Anaheim is pleased to offer our community the chance to have a beautiful, sustainable lawn.

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If you are tired of spending your weekends on yard work, Artificial Grass Anaheim can help. When you choose the installation of our excellent artificial grass, you will get hours of time back to do the things you enjoy. There will be no more mowing, watering, edging, or fertilizing. Instead, you can spend your time having fun and relaxing.


Unless you own a landscaping company, it is unlikely that you started your business so you could have a lawn to maintain. With synthetic grass from Artificial Grass Anaheim, you will not need to worry about maintenance. Once our expert crew completes the installation, you can take landscaping work off your plate.

Areas We Service

In Southern California



With high temperatures and dry summers, Orange County is a perfect candidate for artificial grass. Synthetic lawns allow residents to ease the pressure of water shortages.

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Los Angles


The City of Angels has a lot of heat and concrete. Residents yearn for some green in their town, and artificial grass is the best option.

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Inland Empire


Residents and tourists alike love the warm, dry weather of Inland Empire. Natural grass, however, does not. Artificial lawns are the perfect solution.

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Santa Barbarra


With its Mediterranean-like weather, Santa Barbara is a popular location. Artificial grass keeps this beautiful town green and lush.

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Santa Cruz


Few places can boast the fantastic weather and beautiful beaches of San Diego. With artificial grass installations, residents enjoy year-round green lawns.

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Santa Cruz


This gem of a city offers incredible coastlines and impressive redwood forests. Residential and commercial synthetic lawns keep properties looking beautiful.

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Professional Installation

What is our Process?

Artificial Turf Installation

Step-by-Step Guide to Our Synthetic Grass Installation

When it is time for your synthetic lawn installation, you want the best team in Anaheim and the surrounding areas. Our expert crew knows just what to do to ensure that you have a perfect product to enjoy for years. With extensive training and experience, the Artificial Grass Anaheim technicians know how to deliver an excellent installation for your home or business. We follow careful guidelines so you can be proud of the results.

  • Step 1: Pre-Installation
  • Step 2: Base Preparation

  • Step 3: Compacting Base

  • Step 4: Custom fitting Turf

  • Step 5: Tucking Turf Edges

  • Step 6: Applying Filler

  • Step 7: Final Groom

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Artificial Grass Installation

At Artificial Grass Anaheim, we deliver the best product available. But that fact won’t do you any good without excellent installation. Our crew makes sure you get the most perfect synthetic lawn possible. We begin with careful preparation, including the application of weed killer as needed. Our team preps the area by removing topsoil, compacting the remaining dirt, and planning for drainage. We lay down a base of crushed rock or gravel so that it is ready for the turf. The crew adds infill and then waters down the artificial grass until it is set. We use a carpet stretcher if necessary to get your synthetic grass to the exact right size for your space. Once we install your border, you will have a dream lawn with no maintenance.

110,000-130,000 gallons of water a year…and a green lawn isn’t guaranteed.

In addition, installing artificial grass will also improve our air pollution. It is said that 1 lawn mower emits as much pollution as 11 cars traveling for 1 hour, which makes up 5% of our pollution in the US


Stays Green Year-round