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Benefits of Artificial Grass Systems

You are beginning to notice that many neighbors and peers are making the switch to artificial grass – so much so that you’re intrigued about it. You are now considering that you might install it in your home as well, but you want to know what you’re getting yourself into first. This is completely understandable. 

There are many benefits of artificial grass. Not only does the material resemble natural grass, but it also eliminates a lot of the maintenance and landscaping involved in keeping your yard in pristine condition. 

We can guarantee that artificial grass can make your life a lot easier and here are the reasons why:

Minimal Maintenance

You may not realize it, but there is a lot of work that goes into maintaining your yard. This includes watering, mowing, applying fertilizers/pesticides, and removing weeds. You have to do all of these things to ensure that your grass is healthy and alive. Artificial grass, however, will eliminate a lot of the work involved in maintaining your lawn. This frees up your schedule and gives you more time to focus on other things. Also, it is worth mentioning that pesticides and other chemicals that you use on your lawn can harm the environment. Artificial grass eliminates the need to apply any kind of insect-removal on your lawn.

Conserving Water

Many states are now restricting your water usage to promote conservation. Installing artificial grass will make it much easier to comply with these new rules. You will not need to use nearly as much water as you were previously using to keep your lawn looking clean and healthy. Water conservation carries many eco-friendly benefits with it and you will also save a lot of money on your monthly utility bill.

A Permanent Solution to Your Landscaping Woes

Let’s face it, even when you put a lot of work and effort into maintaining your lawn, issues are still going to arise. Real grass will undergo discoloration, creating unsightly patchy areas, and insects will always pose a threat. Erosion can also occur at any moment depending on the weather and other unpredictable conditions. Artificial grass represents a permanent solution to all of these issues. And despite any reservations you may have about artificial grass, the material does an incredible job and mimicking real grass.

The Material Is Water Permeable

What does “water permeable” mean? Simply put, it’s where the material allows water to pass through it, and what this does is it ensures that mud and dirt are never an issue. There are thousands of tiny holes in the fibrous material of the grass, which will properly drain any runoff water. This also makes it so that the synthetic material will dry off quicker.

An Eco-Friendly Option

What is amazing about artificial grass is that it will blend with different natural environments. It also won’t cause any damage to the environment. This is because you won’t have to rely on fertilizer and pesticides to keep your yard in good condition. Also, you will use a lot less water, which is very beneficial for conservation efforts. It is estimated that artificial grass will limit water consumption in the average household by about 55 gallons of water per year. This is a pretty remarkable number. 

Thanks to modern engineering and technology, artificial grass is also non-toxic to animals. Artificial grass will have no environmental impact on the eco-system in which you install it, which is amazing. This means that you can integrate it into the environment of your choosing. 

Pollution is also one of the major issues of our generation. When you have a large area of grass that you need to mow, then it will require a lot of gas to power the mower. Experts estimate that lawnmowers combined consume an annual average of 17 million gallons of gas. Older and less efficient push mowers are accountable for the same amount of hourly pollution equivalent to that of 11 cars combined. Make no mistake, artificial grass can do wonders for the environment.


There are many different approaches to installing artificial grass. There are no limits to your options and artificial grass can also serve a decorative purpose. For example, you are not limited to replacing your natural grass; you can install artificial grass on your countertops or the walls inside your home. 

Many people use artificial grass as a surface on which their pets can play. With real grass, animals tend to dig it up and cause a mess, and then you have to give them a bath. Artificial grass is also soft and absorbent, so the material is also perfect for a play area.

Additional Information

Before you install artificial grass, here are some other things you need to know. For starters, the average homeowner spends about 3 hours a week performing maintenance and landscaping duties. This means that artificial grass will free up a lot of time for you; if you do the math, you are looking at an annual average of 156 hours of extra spare time, which is the equivalent of nearly an entire week. Nothing can beat that!

Are you uncertain about something? You can always call us and speak with one of our representatives. They will tell you everything you need to know about the benefits of artificial grass.