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Pros and Cons of Artificial Turf for your Athletic Facility

12 Benefits of Artificial Turf in Animal Shelters Artificial turf has become a popular alternative to natural grass for athletic facilities, mainly because it allows the facility to be used year-round. This saves teams money since they are able to practice indoors during inclement weather instead of being forced to cancel practices. While there are many benefits that come along with artificial turf, there are also some drawbacks. Pros Save Money Artificial turf saves money. With artificial turf, your facility is able to stay open year-round instead of just when the weather permits. This can save teams a lot of money in practice cancellations because they are no longer forced to sit idle [...]

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12 Benefits of Artificial Turf in Animal Shelters

12 Benefits of Artificial Turf in Animal Shelters The benefits of artificial turf are infinite. It doesn't have to be watered, it can easily be cleaned, and it has no insects or bugs. The artificial surfaces are also beneficial because they eliminate one of the key problems in many animal shelters- the spread of disease from one animal to another. This is especially important in large metropolitan areas where animal shelters see a more significant influx of pets. It is common to have last-minute pet owners who drop off their pets at the shelter in large metropolitan areas because they cannot take care of them any longer. This happens quite often near college [...]

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Grass or Turf for Theme Parks? Learn the Pros and Cons

Is Artificial Turf the Best Choice for Golf Courses? Many people are surprised to learn that artificial grass is used at theme parks, water parks, and recreation areas. This is because they are often unfamiliar with the material and the fact it can get wet and stand up against many damaging factors . If you are considering using it in your theme park, water park, or any other area where the material will be exposed to heavy foot traffic and extreme weather conditions, consider these pros and cons of turf for theme parks. Pros of Theme Park Artificial Turf It looks real. This is the number one reason you would use artificial grass [...]

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Is Artificial Turf the Best Choice for Golf Courses?

Is Artificial Turf the Best Choice for Golf Courses? There is no denying that many golf courses in the world use real grass. However, artificial turf may be a better choice for several reasons. Artificial turf can be an aesthetically pleasing and sustainable option for individuals who want to play or practice their golf game in regions where growing conditions do not suit natural grass. Costs associated with maintaining real grass can be quite high. The costs associated with artificial turf are minimal because the turf is not vulnerable to weather conditions, bugs, and disease. Additionally, there are no post-construction costs required for maintaining an artificial surface as opposed to a natural one [...]

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Is Artificial Grass the Best Choice for Recreation Parks?

Is Artificial Grass the Best Choice for Recreation Parks? People all across the United States are flocking towards recreational parks to take part in games and various other activities. These parks not only serve as a place to play but also serve as an escape for many people who wish to relax, be social, or even get some exercise. The number one resource used by almost all of these recreational facilities is grass. Grass is not only used for recreation but is also used to help promote a healthy environment. Unfortunately, grass has its downsides, such as maintenance and the fact that it depletes landfills of space. A new solution has been found [...]