Save More Money By

Switching to Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has grown in popularity because of the many benefits it has alongside how beautiful and put together it looks. This clean and crisp look is desired by many homeowners, and they strive to make their sod look its best. Switching to artificial grass gives you the look you want while also being budget-friendly, saving you money for the more essential things in life. Below we will look into all the different ways that artificial grass can save you money!

No Water Necessary

While not every homeowner has a sprinkler system in place, water is still being used to keep your yard looking its best. Even if you are just standing with a traditional water hose, it is crucial to water your grass so that it stays lush and colorful. With watering your grass, not only is it using water that isn’t environmentally friendly, but it can be costly as well. According to statistics from Today’s Homeowner, a 1,000 square foot lawn would need roughly 620 gallons of water every watering cycle. As a result, it’s estimated that 80% of residential water usage is attributed to outdoor uses and irrigation. Artificial turf can give you the look that you desire for your lawn without ever needing to spend time or money watering it, meaning you could see an 80% drop in your water bill. Not having to water your lawn gives you extra time, money, and peace of mind that your yard won’t die!

Easy Maintenance

Another simple way that artificial grass can save money is with its quick, easy, and affordable maintenance. With a natural grass lawn, the first part of maintenance that comes to mind is mowing. Unfortunately, a quality lawn mower can easily cost more than $500. Not to mention fuel and maintenance for the mower itself. Combine these costs with the price of regular fertilizing and watering, and the cost of maintenance really starts to climb.

On the other hand, artificial grass doesn’t grow! This completely eliminates any need for mowing, fertilizing, or watering your lawn. All that your synthetic yard will need for maintenance is to be brushed with a natural bristle broom to fluff the grass back up if it’s been flattened in high traffic areas, rinse any messes off as they occur, and pluck the occasional weed. With these simple maintenance requirements, you’ll be saving money in no time!

Summing Things Up

The thing to remember from this look into artificial grass and how it saves money is that synthetic turf is an investment. It’s no secret that artificial grass does cost more up-front than natural grass for installation. However, the significant decrease in water needs and maintenance needs will quickly add up in savings. With these money-saving benefits, you can get the comfort and beauty of a natural grass yard for a fraction of the overall cost by switching to an artificial lawn today! If you’re interested in making the switch to synthetic grass, contact a reputable artificial grass installer for a quote!